GREETINGS! I missed a lot of good books and reviews. I’m still caught up from the last year’s novels because I was in the state of sluggishness which isn’t a bad thing though because we all have those days, but I was being an indolent reader that I kept forgetting certain events in the previous chapters and try to finish the story even though I didn’t dived and drown by the wonderful words and seized all the bittersweet occurrence, and from all of that happenings I realized that I’m either a sloth or not interested. So, I did was to minimize my reading goals from 12 to 4. I know! Like WOW! I knocked down a lot and actually it helps me A LOT. I was able to focus on my academics and participating on outdoor activities. I was being an extrovert. And I’m happy about it because I wasn’t able to participate that much in the past years due to lack of confidence and having the comfort of the duo I only knew, my bed and a good book.

Now, that I’m sorta back? Trying to read as much as possible and give a few reviews about it. I would love if you guys could recommend few books that I could read, any books will do. Message me or just leave a reply from this post.


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