Book Review

Book Review || The Summer I Turned Pretty

Moments, when lost, can’t be found again. They’re just gone.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

At first six pages of the book, I immediately fell in love with Beck’s boys, especially how Belly describes them specifically Conrad. But about halfway through the book I almost quit reading it because how Belly acts like a little child or some parts of the story didn’t appeal to me like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before but then I shouldn’t compare one book to the other. This book has its own charm. 

I was a Conrad girl always but then Cam came. Cam is that boy that makes you feel special in ways you could never imagine. Cam is the one who noticed you when nobody did, he was that guy. I was so saddened that he was somehow or only a summer fling to Belly. But then I can’t blame her, Cam was the one who kinda fulfilled her desire of love when Conrad couldn’t, but then again not his fault. 

As for Jeremiah, at first, I really thought he was a douchebag, but then again, can’t blame him because he feels kinda jealous although he didn’t admit it, no- it looks like for me he didn’t want to live under the shadows of his brother.

One of the best thing in this book is the friendship between Susannah and Laurel. It was a friendship that will totally last and as the book says they had a beautiful friendship and a lot of weird stuff happened during their younger years. ASLO, I loved it when Taylor had been dropped out in sometime there, she was annoying. Boys boys boys. Anyways, I was saddened though because Belly had lost her only bestfriend.

Now, in the most intense part:

“Get out of my face” Conrad growled.

“No.” Jeremiah stepped closer, until their faces were inches apart, just like ours had been not fifteen minutes before.

“I’m warning you, Jeremiah.”


And that was the moment I knew that everything I had known was just wasn’t everything. I went silent after that. Hands up to Jenny Han, she is the only one who can make me feel this way. There is a reason why she is my number one favorite Author. I am looking forward to finish this series. Thank you Jenny Han for another wonderful series to take journey on. 



GREETINGS! I missed a lot of good books and reviews. I’m still caught up from the last year’s novels because I was in the state of sluggishness which isn’t a bad thing though because we all have those days, but I was being an indolent reader that I kept forgetting certain events in the previous chapters and try to finish the story even though I didn’t dived and drown by the wonderful words and seized all the bittersweet occurrence, and from all of that happenings I realized that I’m either a sloth or not interested. So, I did was to minimize my reading goals from 12 to 4. I know! Like WOW! I knocked down a lot and actually it helps me A LOT. I was able to focus on my academics and participating on outdoor activities. I was being an extrovert. And I’m happy about it because I wasn’t able to participate that much in the past years due to lack of confidence and having the comfort of the duo I only knew, my bed and a good book.

Now, that I’m sorta back? Trying to read as much as possible and give a few reviews about it. I would love if you guys could recommend few books that I could read, any books will do. Message me or just leave a reply from this post.