Book Review

Book Review || Always and Forever, Lara Jean

“You can’t protect him from being hurt, babe, no matter what you do. Being vulnerable, letting people in, getting hurt…it’s all part of being in love.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

All I could say is “Wow, thank you Jenny Han for this wonderful trilogy.” This last book just made me think how love can affect you in many ways.

This book is such a master piece, a master piece dedicated to the people who had their first love and how challenges affect them as they go on through their life.  After delaying reading this book i finally had the chance t read it again during our semester break.  I was about half of the book when i started to read it again.  And I must say at the back of my head I was sad knowing that I will surely done reading this book by the end of the day but i was also happy that I could finally read Lara Jean’s unexpected turns of her life. 

This book holds a lot of events in Lara Jean’s life, from deciding which university should she go, Ms. Rothschild (Trina) being their stepmother, Trina and Margot not living harmoniously for a short period of time until when Lara became drunk one night, her and Peter first break-up and more. I just love the fact that this book doesn’t only revolve around Lara Jean’s love life like any other book does. The book revolves everything that surrounds her and i love that. 

I absolutely love this book , it is just that their love seems so soft and pure. it’s kind of teen love that will surely last. I had a splendid time reading this trilogy. I had the best Lara Jean adventure. 

Always and forever,



I still wonder what happened after that stargazing night, her summer in Korea and even their college life but ALAS! I think it’ll be up to us, i guess…


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